Your idea + my skills

A golden combination?

Take a leap of faith

3 steps to a collaboration

Step 1: Lets have a cup of coffee

Contact me. Pitch your idea in a few words and why you think we should meet. Most likely I will gladly accept your invitation and we'll have a face-to-face meeting. With a cup of coffee (or tea ;-))

Step 2: Get to know each other

While we're enjoying our coffee we share a few stories about ourselves, if everything feels good lets take a look at your idea. Pitch it to me. Also, tell me what kind of role you think I should play in your idea. I will provide feedback :).

I will provide feedback about your idea, and also suggest how I can help you out. This could be practical, process wise, or something else.

Step 3: You've got me convinced? Here is the deal.

I want to invest in partnerships. That means I won't work on your product for hour-rates.

My proposal: We will collaborate. We divide shares in the idea/company. We both spend time, money, etc. This also means we both benefit when we can reap the fruits from our hard labour. Or any lessons learned when things don't work out.

Step 3b: No deal? No worries.

If I decided to meet, at least I thought there was potential. Also, we both can learn from this experience.

Sounds good? Contact me for more information

Just head over to the Contact page and mail me.